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Booking a Shipment

Shipments can be booked by:

a) entering shipment details online at or
b) dropping them in at our depot at Unit 21, 1st Floor, South Seas Centre, 75 Mody Road, TST East, Kowloon, or
c) contacting our HK customer service staff on +852 23121948.

Shippers in Hong Kong have a choice of generating airbills online, in which case our customer services staff will automatically be alerted, or completing them manually and calling to make collection arrangements.
Regular senders are invited to make arrangements for a collection at a fixed time each day.

You are advised that we generally collect Wacpack shipments between noon and 1730 hours, but that:

• Special arrangements can be made, and
• Depending on where your shipments are going, we may need to collect earlier than 1730 in order to achieve the transit times stated.

Filling out an Airbill

Reference – how will you identify this shipment later? Enter an internal reference, and it will appear on the invoice.

Pieces – how many pieces are in the shipment? Note that each piece cannot exceed 32kg, and cannot have more than one dimension over 1 metre, to travel as courier.

Weight – what is the actual gross weight, in kilos? If you have a shipment weighing 1300g, then please either enter 1.3kg or 1.5kg – the weight will be rounded up to 1.5kg for billing purposes.

Dimensions – the actual billing weight will be the higher of the actual weight and the shipment’s volumetric weight – do you have a non-dense shipment? If so, please enter the shipment’s measurements (3 dimensions, in cm, for each piece) – the volumetric weight will be calculated by using the formula (Length x Height x Width) / 5000.

Contents – does your shipment contain documents only? If so, simply state “DOX”. If not, you need to describe the contents as accurately as possible, and give a realistic commercial value (including a currency). You are advised not to use the words “gift” or “sample” on their own, to describe the contents.

For any shipments requiring an export licence, please include the licence number. Unless expressly stated otherwise, we will assume that all licence issues will be addressed by the sender.

Notes – do you have any special requirements for your shipment? If so, you need to list them here (unless it relates to billing – see “Invoice to A/C”). We will do our best to achieve the shipment requirements, within reason, but note that (sometimes significant) surcharges may apply – you are advised to check with us beforehand, if you are in any doubt as to our capabilities.

Sender – contact and address details may well be pre-printed or defaulted – please alter if necessary; delivery advice will be sent to the email address on the airbill.Please enter your customer account number.

Receiver – you are asked to ensure that a contact person and a telephone number and email address are entered. In addition, the address needs to be complete, with a zip-, or post-, code. A P.O. Box address is not acceptable.

Invoice to A/C – is the bill to be paid by another Wacpack user? If so, enter the correct account number for that customer (after obtaining their permission). Note that if the stated payer refuses to pay the charges, then the booking user will become liable for payment. Note also that the receiver will be liable to pay any duties and taxes at destination, irrespective of who is paying the shipping costs.

Signed by – before submitting your shipment, sign and date the airbill to accept the Terms & Conditions as stated on the website. Note that these T&Cs may be subject to change, without prior notice.
The receiver will sign the airbill on receipt of the shipment.
Completing the Airbill Online

We hope you will find the online booking procedure to be easily negotiable.
When you finish booking a shipment, you will need to print the airbill – the printout will fit on an A4 sheet of paper, and will show two duplicate copies of the same airbill. You will need to sign both copies, to accept the Terms & Conditions of shipping, and pass them to the Wacpack staff when they arrive. Make sure you are given one copy, for your records, before the shipment is taken away.

If your shipment is something other than a document, the system will also print out a Airway Bill to accompany the shipment. Please take a photo-copy if you wish to retain a copy.

Wacnet HK Ltd, Workshop E01, 4/F, Hung Cheong Factory Building, No. 3 Kwong Cheung St, Cheung Sha Wan, Kowloon, Hong Kong. + 852 2312 1948 Fax: 852 2312 1408

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