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What Are The Terms & Conditions of Carriage?

 As a user of this website (referred to as "you/your") you acknowledge that any use of this website including any transactions you make ("use/using") is subject to our terms and conditions below.

 1. Pieces How many pieces are in the shipment? Note that for courier each piece must not exceed 32kgto travel by courier.

 2. Weight What is the actual gross weight, in kilos? If you have a shipment weighing 1300g, then please either enter 1.3kg.  The weight will be rounded up to the nearest half kilo making the example1.5kg for billing purposes.

 3. Dimensions The actual billing weight will be the higher of the actual weight and the shipment’s volumetric weight – do you have a non-dense shipment? If so, please enter the shipment’s measurements (3 dimensions, in cm, for each piece) – the volumetric weight will be calculated by using the formula (Length x Height x Width) / 5000.

4. Definitions Listed below the following terms that will be found in these terms of carriage:
Consignment – A parcel or group of parcels sent through this service to each individual address.
Consignee/Receiver – The person who is receiving the consignment.
AWB/Airwaybill – The documentation placed on the parcel.
Third Party - The order placed through WacPack utilising the account that WacPack has with the major carriers.

5. Obligation to the customer
WacPack will arrange delivery of the consignment/s directly or through an appointed third party service with a reputable carrier.
WacPack will arrange for the consignment/s to be collected directly or through an appointed third party agent.

The carrier has the right to refuse a consignment for such reasons as insufficient packaging or if the consignment is too large.
In addition WacPack has the right to refuse any order/user from our system.
All queries/claims must be directed through WacPack in the first instance who will then contact the relevant carrier on the sender’s behalf. If the carrier is contacted directly, WacPack may not be able to assist you with your query at a later date.
This automated ordering system books the collection as requested by the customer. If this collection fails you must contact WacPack where an alternative collection will be booked as soon as possible.
The automated system books and charges for the delivery. If the consignment/s has to be returned then the return charge may be chargeable.

WacPack can only deliver to a full street address. We cannot deliver to a PO Box. If a consignment is collected and returned for this reason, no refund will be given.
All prices quoted on this web site are in Pounds Sterling, Hong Kong Dollars or US Dollars.


6. Prohibited Items
Please check that we are able to carry your contents before placing your order. If a prohibited item is collected and then later returned, no refund of carriage will be given. No claim for damage can be made on a prohibited item.

7. Collection & Delivery
The automated system books the collection as per the customer’s request. The system will tell you if the time slot is available and if not, you can select an alternative. Please note this collection time is not guaranteed. In the rare event that the courier cannot make the collection, we will re book within 24 hours as long as the customer is available.

Please note, we cannot specify a morning collection. You can request after a certain time if permitted, but collections will be made up until 5pm on any given working day.

Saturday collections are available on request but are not guaranteed. Refund of the Saturday surcharge will be applied if delivery is not made on the relevant Saturday.

Please ensure you are in at the collection time that you request. A surcharge of £10.00 will be applied if you are out when the driver tries to collect, or if a booking is cancelled at the time of collection.

Any timed deliveries that are not delivered by the guaranteed time (where applicable), such as pre 10am and pre 10.30am service, will not incur the applicable surcharge, as long as the reason for delay has not been a customs query, mis-address or attempted delivery.

Please note that any guaranteed service will guarantee a delivery time once collected. If the collection fails it will be re booked as soon as possible this will be no later than 24 hours as long as the customer is available for collection.

Transit times must be checked for the service ordered. On some services there will be a surcharge if a re delivery is necessary.

A customs invoice must be completed for ALL countries outside the European Union. A template will be e-mailed to you if applicable once the order is placed. Four copies of this must be given to the driver on collection.

You will be able to track the progress of your consignment. The documentation that is provided at the end of your order or which the driver brings in will contain this tracking number. Please contact our offices to track the consignment.

Some of our services are subject to a redelivery charge.
This is detailed in the services section. Please ensure that the receiver is in to accept the delivery or you will have to pay an additional charge on each delivery attempt.  


8. Customs Clearance
You are paying for the freightage charges of your consignment/s only. WacPack has no control over any customs queries or charges that may arise. Customs charges must be paid in addition by the receiver (in the first instance) before delivery is made. WacPack reserve the right to pass these charges directly onto the person that placed the order if the receiver refuses to pay the duty and tax charges. If you do not wish to pay the charges and the consignment is returned, all return charges will also be passed on.


High Value for items over £15.00 will incur a high Value clearance charge enforced by HMRC.

Consignment/s that exceed the value of £4,699 may be delayed as they will require further documentation for clearance.

9. Surcharges
By entering the weight and dimensions of your consignment/s you are paying for the freightage. If the actual or volumetric consignment/s is heavier then the additional charges will be billed, and the reason for the discrepancy will be confirmed in writing.


Standard export courier bookings made by Wacpack staff on your behalf could incur a booking fee of £10.00 per booking.

Please ensure you are in at the collection time that you request, and that the consignment is ready. A surcharge of £10.00 / HKD140 / USD20 may be applied for each period of 15 minutes that the collection courier needs to wait.

Transit times must be checked for the service ordered. On some services there will be a surcharge if a redelivery is necessary.

Saturday delivery surcharge is available on request. See section on collection and Delivery. 

You are paying for the freightage charges. Any Customs charges will be passed on in addition should they arise. Please see the Customs clearance section.

We may supply documentation to accompany your shipment. You will be advised of this at the time of ordering. This must go with the shipment, if not your shipment could be delayed and the carrier may well charge you a higher premium direct.

Some of our services are subject to a re delivery charge.
This is detailed in the services section. Please ensure that the receiver is in to accept the delivery or you will have to pay an additional charge on each delivery attempt.


Storage charges will be passed on when goods are held due to incorrect documentation or delays in HMRC payments.

10. Delay / Damage / Loss
Your consignment/s must be packed to a professional standard. Any claim resulting from a parcel that is not packaged to a professional standard will be voided.

We may supply documentation to accompany your shipment. You will be advised of this at the time of ordering. This must go with the shipment, if not your shipment could be delayed and the carrier may well charge you a higher premium direct.

In the rare event of damage all packaging must be kept for inspection by the carrier. The item must be available for inspection in the state it was delivered, at the address it was delivered to. If the item is moved / repaired or if the packaging is not kept any claim will be voided.

Stated transit times are given for guidance only and may be longer to remote areas or due to customs delays. Compensation will not be given for delivery delays for whatever reason.

Any claim must be brought to us within 10 days of receipt in the case of damage, and 28 days in the case of loss.

11. Insurance / Claims
Compensation for loss and damage is covered by the Warsaw Convention and any decision the carrier reaches is final.
In the event of a claim a copy invoice will be needed to prove the value of the consignment/s and photos must be supplied for all damage claims.
If the item is not sufficiently packed the claim will be voided. Please check our guidelines before ordering.
If the item is not correctly labelled, the claim will be voided.
Your item is insured up to a certain amount depending on service. Please note that the inclusive insurance can be paid out based on weight, not value of the contents on some services, please check before ordering. Additional Insurance may be recommended on certain services and this must be paid prior to despatch.
Any claim must be brought to us within 10 days of receipt in the case of damage, and 28 days in the case of loss.

12 Liability
The person placing the order is responsible for the information entered. WacPack will not be held responsible for wrong information that is entered and no refunds will be given in this instance.
You are paying for the freightage charges and WacPack apply these charges on your behalf to our account with the relevant carrier. We are not liable for any customs charges that may arise.
Liability is limited to the negligence of the company carrying the goods. This is then limited to the customer who placed the order with WacPack.
Loss or damage under the following conditions will not be covered:

·    Act of God

·    Consequences of war

·    Insufficient packaging / Incorrect labelling

·    Prohibited contents

WacPack will deal with the person who placed the order only.

Liability is limited to the cost of sending the item only and to the Insured value if a claim is raised. We will not be liable for any further claim for any loss of profit, administrative inconvenience, disappointment, or indirect or consequential loss or damage arising out of any problem in relation to the service you ordered.

Any claim must be brought to us within 10 days of receipt in the case of damage, and in 28 days in the case of loss.

13 Severability
If any part of these terms and conditions is found to be unenforceable as a matter of law, the enforceability of any other part of these terms and conditions will not be affected.

14. Governing Law
These terms and conditions and any contract between us shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with English Law and the English Courts shall have jurisdiction over any disputes between us.

15. Statutory Rights
These terms and conditions are in addition to your statutory rights as a consumer which remain unaffected.

16. Complaints

We aim to provide outstanding customer service. If you have any complaint about the service you have received from us, please contact our Customer Service Team on


 17. Shipping Quotes

Quotes exclude import duty and taxes.

All transit times are subject to customs clearance.

Weight discrepancies will be charged accordingly.

When comparing our quote with other couriers, please ensure that they are inclusive of VAT and fuel surcharges.

Airfreight quotes are subject to change and are valid for 7 days from date of quote.

If goods are to be on forwarded to a 3rd party country requiring additional export documents, please advise so that MRN and UK customs certificates can be arranged prior to export.

CARGO INSURANCE is not included unless listed above. WACPACK can arrange £15,000.00 cover for £27.00 on most commodities, please contact us to arrange.

Quotations exclude hazardous, timed or express deliveries except where stated.

Quotations are given on the basis of immediate acceptance and are subject to the right of withdrawal or revision by the company.

If any changes occur in the particulars of the shipment, it's stowage characteristics, or the company's costs, whether before or after completion of a transaction, the company's quotation and charges shall be subject to revision accordingly, without notice. No insurance will be affected except upon express instructions given in writing and accepted by the Company.

Rates of exchange will be subject to the rate applicable at sailing/arrival date and any fluctuations in the rate of exchange may alter the price given above


 18. Charges & Settlement

By agreeing to our Terms & Conditions; you are agreeing to the application of a credit account for Freightage charges.  WacPack will use the information provided to obtain financial information (credit score) via a credit checking agency.  From this we will determine the terms of payment to be applied to your account.

 One of the following credit terms will be notified to you:

Payment up front

14 days from date of invoice

30 days from date of invoice

 Duties, Taxes and deferment fees will be recharged along with a WacPack admin charge of £20.00.  These are due immediately; they do not form part of your credit account.

 WacPack reserve the right to charge up to 10% pcm after the due date of the invoice, which is dictated by WacPack. If payments are still unpaid WacPack will take whatever action necessary to redeem the outstanding amounts at the time the invoice fell due, this will include interest and legal costs along with the possibility of passing on your debt to a collection recovery agency.

 Note: All interest will be charged on a compound rate per calendar month.  Should the debt be passed to a third party it will be down you (the client) to negotiate with Recovery Agency.



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