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LCL Asia Rail 

China to London in 19-22 days 

Tariff from £195 / £250/cbm

Our LCL AsiaRail service is ready to deliver to London.

        Up to 20 days faster than Sea

       More cost effective than Air

       Lower CO2 Emissions

       Full GPS Tracking

       19-22 days Door to Door

       30 Trains depart China for Europe p/wk

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Click here for the updated Asia Rail 2018 Schedule


Air, Sea & Railway Freight Services from China to UK

Established since 1998, WacPack is an independent multi-modal logistics company that thrive to provide you with air freight, sea freight as well as our newly introduced train and railway freight services to transfer imports and exports throughout the UK and Asia including Hong Kong, China.

We provide a full range courier service that is both flexible and at your convenience. The initial part of the process provides a consultancy stage by which we offer advice on the best method of transport for your parcel delivery, general information regarding insurance and guarantees as well as shipping on rail prohibited items.

The most fundamental request for international parcel delivery is timing. Time management is an element we have mastered during our many years of providing this service and is something we are proud to say we have accomplished time and time again. Whether you are in need of an urgent same day delivery from China to UK or whether you wish to get a next day delivery via our train railway freight services, we can make your requests our priority.

Our international shipping from China is made simple so you can relax. We deliver for large corporations including Coca Cola, Mammas and Papas as well as weigh and measure your parcels before delivery to make sure it reaches its final destination safely and unharmed.

We offer UK and Asian international courier services that enable you to import and export packages throughout a range of locations including imports to the far East and India and export services to Europe, USA and Asia.

WacPack are continuing to provide you with a better solution with our cost effective courier service prices that reflects a quality and trustworthy service. We are committed to rationalising the relationship between our customers and what matters by reducing the lead-times from concept to production.

We use an advanced tracking system so that you can know the whereabouts of your package at all times before reaching its final destination.Contact us today for more information about our services about our train and rail freight services from China to UK.


WACNET / WACPACK LTD, RM C, 4/F, VGS Industrial Bldg., 532-532A Castle Peak Rd., Lai Chi Kok, Hong Kong. Tel:852 2312 1948

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