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China Rail Freight across Europe

At last there is a secure and regular route from China to UK and Europe using the What was known as the Trans-Siberian Railway now know as the Famous Silk Route Railway. Covering  over 12,000 kilometres and crossing 5 countries, this new service will delivery your goods 20 days fast than boat and far more economical than Air, not to mention CO2 footprint it will reduce on both the above.

At the moment the Freight Train  from China is coming to Europe and we are covering the final miles to the UK by Road. ETA 20-24 days from China departure to UK. We have 4 Departure points in China mainly in the south but will soon be activation Shenzhen in the South.

This new Freight Train from China service provides our customers both importers and exporters with an opportunity to send and receive rail freight to and from China, which in turn allows for faster delivery at a lower cost.

The cost saving by importing with our Freight train from China from China by air freight, with a potential saving of 50%. In relation to importing by sea freight from China, it means a time saving of anywhere between 12-14 days

Once the service has been adopted by more importers we will have a regular train coming directly into London in only 17-20 days from China.

Other than the UK delivery we also provide two key rail links/routes: The first goes due north from China and connects with the famous Russian Trans-Siberian or heading west across Kazakhstan before feeding into the Trans-Siberian at Yekaterinburg, a key junction for rail freight movements going in a westerly direction, and providing a key freight and project cargo transport link into Europe.

What are the key benefits?


The cost of Wacpack AsiaRail is more than 75% less than current air freight imports from China, and transit time is 45%-50% shorter than sea freight transport. Costs as low as 55p per Kg

·        Up to 20 days faster than Sea

·        More cost effective than Air

·        Lower CO2 emissions

·        Full GPS tracking

·        20-25 days FOT to Door

·        Send for little as £195 p/cbm* or as low as 55p Kg*.

·        30 Trains depart from China to Europe most weeks.


A wide variety of goods are accepted for transportation, and services available include: Door to Door, FCL & LCL shipments.

Do you ever send parcels?
Business or personal?
Find that it's expensive and time consuming?

Well here is a local solution!

Wacpack is based in central Henley and can offer your business discounts on sending Christmas presents to loved ones abroad, parcels to sons or daughters at university, last minute items that you want there safe and fast.

We can offer express overnight services to anywhere in the world or slower, cheaper services to reduce the cost.

From documents to parcels and boxes anywhere in the world fully tracked and traced through our online system so you can sit back and relax knowing your shipment is safe.

WacPack is the trading name of Wacnet (HK) Ltd., an independent multi-modal logistics company providing specialist services to, and from, Hong Kong and China.The Wacpack service is operated by Wacnet, the same people that brought you "CD-Express", the 5 Hour delivery service of artwork on disk (plus optional printouts) to Hong Kong and Shenzhen, from anywhere in the world. Wacpack delivers the physical samples back to the customer using the same innovative approach, offering a range of online capabilities and giving the customer flexible choices Including 3D Print and Concierge Services.Wacnet is committed to rationalising the relationship between Asian producers and their overseas customers, and to reducing the lead-times from concept to production.Relax and let us do the work! After all, you are in the hands of the people who pioneered and revolutionised the way you deal with Asia, now let us get your consignment back to you in the same safe, convenient and secure way we have always done it. 

has been established for over 20 years and has experience in delivering for customers like Disney, Mamas and Papas to BP and Coca Cola.

Not only do we deliver packages globally, ship containers  internationally and transport personal sports equipment daily we also Pick and Pack, warehouse store and provide both corporate and personal solutions.

Our new Concierge Service is here to take the hassle away when travelling whether it be Business or Pleasure we have a solution that will make it easier and more cost-effective for the long haul.

We pride ourselves in providing our customer with an answer to the unexpected and sometimes what seems to be impossible tasks. 

With modem technology and international partners, which we have nurtured and matured over the past two decades there is very little we can not provide. We can ship anything you need including your Classic Car for global rally events.  

If you want to move your prestige car from A to B let us sort it for you.So next time you need a Package or Document in Timbuktu or your exhibition stand in Vladivostok or your skis in the Alps, or your car in Dubai, don’t worry we will be there to help. Contact us for more information.

I don't want to use the website to request a quote, what can I do instead?That's no problem, just email your enquiry to rhidian@wacpack.comand attach your file(s) to the email.

If your file(s) are over 10Mb then please use the free file upload service YouSendit or Wacnet where you can upload up to 100Mb. Alternatively give us a call on 0845 533 3417 to discuss your project.How can I pay?You can pay by credit card or Debit card through our Sage pay gateway or if you are a business customer we can open a business account for you after your first order has been processed on a pro-forma basis.

After this you will be invoiced after each job.Can I pay by invoice or cheque?Yes, if you are a business customer we can set up an account for you after your first order has been processed and you will then be invoiced after each job.

If you wish to pay for a one off job by cheque please email us at and we can arrange for your job to be processed once the cheque has been received.Do we do discounts for higher volumes?When we calculate the price of a model, we take into account the quantity requested, we will look at the volume of material used and the time it takes to print and post process your model and send you a quote. If you want to increase the quantity ordered we will re-calculate the price and in most cases high volume mean lower prices.We actively encourage 3D printing for production items and will ensure discount prices apply accordingly.

The kind of items we have made for production recently are Printed Circuit board spacers, connector polarising pins, low volume bespoke boxes, retaining clips, hearing aid accessories, seat stops, game character, toys, awards and model car components.Which file formats do we accept? Our preferred file format is STL, which stand for Standard Triangulation Language, but the following monochrome file formats can also be accepted:                               
•.3DS 3D Studio 

•.OBJ Wavefront 

•.PLY Stanford polygon file If you only have .Step or iges files we can bring them into a CAD program and do a conversation for you, but this takes extra time and slow down the quoting process. 

For colour printing the following formats are accepted: 

•.PLY Stanford polygon file Basic colours only

•.VRML Virtual Reality mark-up language Texture map and colour,GIS, FEA and colour assemblies

•.3DS 3D Studio Full colour and texture mapped geometry 

If you have any queries regarding file formats please contact us at or call 01491636 228and talk to Brian.

I don't have a 3D digital model, can you still give me a price?We now have a new service to help people who don't have CAD, we can convert 2D drawings or sketches to printable 3D CAD files.

This will allow us to calculate the price for your model we need to import your file into our specialist 3D printing software.Unfortunately there is no way of calculating the actual price without doing this, so we cant give firm cost without a 3D digital model, but we can help you decide if 3D printing is appropriate, so please send a jpeg or enquire to or call me personally on my mobile 07957862657.

We look forward to helping you get your 3D design printed.Can you repair meshes?Yes we can, we mainly use Materilise Magic's for checking and correcting faulty meshes. Sometimes it carries an extra charge, which is dependant on the number of errors in your mesh, and the time it takes to fix the model ready for printing.

If you have a problem with a file, even if you are not going to get us to print it, please let us know and we will try and help. A typical example of this would be for printing architectural models when you have tight dealine and you need some expert help.

Do we ship internationally?Yes we do, anywhere you like. International shipping charges will apply.Do I have to pay VAT?If you are inside the European Union (EU) and you are an individual unfortunately you will have to pay value added tax (or VAT) on top of the prices shown on this page, the current rate of VAT is 20%.

If you are a business within the EU (excluding the UK) and you are VAT registered you will qualify for zero rate VAT as long as you can supply a valid VAT registration number including the country code.        

The following countries are within the EU: (take a deep breath!)Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, except the Faroe Islands and Greenland, Estonia, Finland, France, including Monaco, Germany, except Busingen and the Isle of Heligoland, Greece, Hungary, The Republic of Ireland, Italy, except the communes of Livigno and Campione d’Italia and the Italian waters of Lake Lugano, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, The Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, including the Azores and Madeira, Slovakia, Spain, including the Balearic Islands but excluding Ceuta and Melilla, Slovenia, Sweden, United Kingdom and the Isle of Man.      

The following countries although in the EU are considered to be outside of the EU fiscal area and therefore are exempt from VAT: (not quite so big a breath!)        

The Aland Islands, Andorra, The Canary Islands, The Channel Islands, The overseas departments of France (Guadeloupe, Martinique, Réunion, St. Pierre and Miquelon, and French Guiana), Gibraltar, Mount Athos, San Marino, The Vatican City       

Outside of the EU there is no VAT charge, but your local customs may charge you additional fees that are specific to your area. The shipping company will collect this when they deliver your goods to you.Can I cancel once I have placed my order?It is dependant on where your model is the manufacturing process. If we have started to produce the model or we have started repairing your mesh then cancellation may incur a charge. If we have not carried out any processing  then cancellation may be possible, please email as soon as possible if you need to cancel and we will let you know whether it will be possible. How much does shipping cost? Delivery options for the UK only: Standard Next Day Delivery: £13.50 For international shipping a typical example would be a 250g package to the USA would cost £40.00 for a 4 day delivery. The list is too long to put in the FAQ's so please contact us for price information on International shipping to where you live. What colours are possible?

This is dependant on the process that you require for your model. The white functional material is as its name suggests only available in white, whereas the multi-colour material has full VGA capabilities, so parts like the ones shown below are possible.

Please call us for more information on all our services.


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